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Boost pressure activated switch

Настраиваемый включатель активируемый от установленного давления наддува в системе. Используется в системах Stage 1

Возможный диапазон настройки 2 – 10 psi и 6 – 30 psi. Имеет шкалу давлений.

Nason Pressure switches We only have the 2-10 and 6-30 in stock which are commonly called sq1 or sq2. If you find a lower price on these we will price match.
This is not the same old pressure switch you see with all the other kits, this takes the guess work out of where your settings are. It has simple no tool required adjustment with the actuall PSI on the front of the unit so you don't have to play the what psi is this set at game like the cheaper Boost pressure switches.
This is intended for use with our Alcohol/Water Injection Kit or Our Propane Injection Kit. This is the best boost pressure switch offered on any kit.

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