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Shurflo water pump 150 psi

Насос водометанольной смеси. Рабочее давление 150 psi, производитель Shurflo (USA).

Not, all pumps are NOT the same. Our pump is custom manufactured by Shurflo for us. Shurflo is one of the largest suppliers of pumps in the world. They offer hundreds of models with different components to suit individual applications and needs. Well this pump is specifically designed for methanol/water injection. We don't take cheaper 8009 model pumps designed for other uses and modify them our selfs. They don't get any nicer than this.
* Pressures up to 150 PSI (10.3 bar)
* Self priming up to 8 vertical feet (2.4m)
* Chemical resistant materials
* Can run dry without damage
* Designed for heavy duty methanol injection systems
* Built in reverse check valve
This 8030 series Shurflo pump deliver 1.0 GPM open flow, Santoprene valves, EPDM diaphragm, 150 PSI Demand Switch, 3/8" NPT-Female ports, with a Poly Housing while having a low current draw. These water-alcohol pumps are extremely durable, and will most likely outlast your car. Shuflo recomends not running more than 50/50 mix of water/methanol with this pump.

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