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Блок управления двигателем DELTA UTEC Engine Management, устанавливается дополнительно к родному блоку управления ECU, который позволяет вам с помощью ноут-бука в он-лайн режиме регулировать впрыск топлива, углы зажигания, чтение детонации, температурные компенсации, управление соленоидом буста, выход под шифт лайт, запись показаний датчиков двигателя и др.

Опция: Delta-001, Delta-002, Delta-003

Опция: Переключаетль карт настройки - Delta Remote MAP selector switch + 80y.e.

Применяемость: Subaru Impreza WRX / STi 2002 - 2005, WRX 2006 - 2008 / STi 2007+

Overview The DELTA v2.0 is the pinnacle of our UTEC Parallel Engine Management product line with improved functionality and vehicle portability. DELTA v2.0 has all same great features you like Pre-Programmed Maps, Knock Detection, Temperature Corrections, Data Logging, Spare Solenoid Driver, Shift Light Output, and complete Ignition Timing, Fuel, and Boost Control now in a new smaller, easier to install package. Timing Control The DELTA v2.0 is light years ahead of any Parallel Engine Management on the market with its Direct Ignition Timing Control. The DELTA has it's own Ignition Drivers designed to drive your vehicles ignition coils properly. When you type in a value into the Timing Map you are entering Degrees Before Top Dead Center. There is no reason to wonder what Ignition Timing the vehicle will be running, with the precise timing control the DELTA it is always exactly what you enter into your map. Fuel Control The DELTA v2.0 boasts our new hybrid speed density fuel control for superior drivability and unrivaled tuneability for high horsepower cars running high boost pressures. Hybrid speed density fuelling utilizes the Mass Air Flow sensor at low load conditions where drivability is critical and switches to Speed Density* at high load to give you the performance and control of standalone ECUs costing thousands of dollars more. *Our 5 bar map sensor is required when tuning high horsepower vehicles. (DTEC-MAP) Knock Detection The DELTA v2.0 has an advanced knock detection system which helps you keep your precious engine in one piece. When a knock event is detected your ignition timing will be retarded immediately until the knock event is gone. It will also keep a record of the knock event in it's RAM to help reduce a reoccurring event. As an aid to help your tuning, these events will be displayed on your Data logging Dashboard to allow you to accurately pinpoint problem areas of the map. Boost Control The DELTA v2.0 uses our advanced PID boost control system. Every 250 rpm boost targets can be mapped for superior boost control through our *Boost Control Solenoid that can handle up to 120 psi. 10 Throttle position points allow phenomenal boost response mapping. *Boost Control Solenoid Sold Separately (DTEC-BCS) Other Features Plug and Play Functionality OBDII & OBDIII Compatible Can bus Compatible On Board Ram Configurable Analog/Digital Outputs (w/GUI Release) 5 Tunable Map Locations On the Fly map switching (w/optional remote map selectors) Shift Light Launch & Flat Shift Control

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